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Restaurant Fuxbau im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim.jpg

Farm-to-Table with a Twist

Opening Hours

Drinks are available at the Fuxbau Bar from 11 a.m. until open end

Kitchen Hours

every day, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m

Season break

March 28 to May 23

September 23 to December 5 

Restaurant Fuxbau im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim.jpg

From the Fox

The restaurant's name was inspired by hoteldog Simba. His bark is obviously all dog, but by his looks and shyness definitely more fox-like.

To the Hotel

In 2022 the restaurant at Hotel Sportalm was completely redesigned and rebranded. Just as cozy as a "Fuxbau" which means "fox hut".

The Concept

A small team and a menu that changes regularily. The Fuxbau creates dishes with what the surrounding farmers, fishermen and friends can offer at the moment.

Austria meets Scandinavia

Alpine, with a touch of Scandinavian. This is what awaits you in the new Fuxbau in the Hotel Sportalm. Delicacies that combine Carinthia and Sweden. All with ingredients from the surrounding areas.

Restaurant Fuxbau im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim.jpg

are very


Love letters sent to our Fuxbau

"Austrian hospitality meets Swedish perfection. That - paired with originally combined regional products -  makes a visit to the Fuxbau an unique experience!"

Eve J

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Working with the Best

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